LowMatic Design is the graphic brainchild of Jonathan Curran. As the sole proprietor of LowMatic Design, Curran works with musicians, brands, and small business to curate a vibrant and elegant visual product. He has worked with dozens of companies on their web presence as well as their branding image. This site is a look into some works created by this digital wizard. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!

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Sketches and Concepts

[Big Lebowski. #1 greatest film of all time hands down]

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Universal Flow Gathering

And we’re back… This past weekend I had the pleasure of performing at the Universal Flow Gathering. Now this festival is unlike most festivals I’ve experienced in the case that it is a flow festival. […]

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California Native Plants

So, I picked up a Sony Alpha a6000 for product photography and decided it needed a little bit more use. I believe I have now opened a proverbial “can of worms.” This thing will go […]