And we’re back… This past weekend I had the pleasure of performing at the Universal Flow Gathering. Now this festival is unlike most festivals I’ve experienced in the case that it is a flow festival. By that I mean, music is not it’s main focus. The Ninja art of flow is. There are workshops during the day for poi, staff, hula hoops, and so many other things during. Then a booming sound system and a circle full of people spinning fir at night! If you haven’t experienced a flow festival I suggest it. It is a mind blowing experience.

Obviously if there is fire, I’ll bring the camera… I have included in this gallery a handful of shots I took at Universal Flow Gathering. This was my first time shooting fire performers so I still have much to learn but I feel these shots are pretty dang cool. You’ll see my good friend Russell juggling some knives (which was his first time). You’ll also see neat tracers of fire light as it’s moving. There’s also some dolphin tricks from a new friend of mine named Knight. All in all the photos came out pretty dang good. I’ll be posting the full gallery soon.